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Feather Swab

Colors may vary.

Tube Cane Screwdriver

Stylish oboe-cane portable screwdriver. 8 tips of various sizes are stored inside. Perfect for oboe adjusting on the go!

Tube Cane Pen and Pencil Sets

Pen $20
Pencil $20
Pen/pencil set $35
Felt case $1
Maple single case $4
Maple double case $5

Eberle: From Stages to the Stage

"From Stages to the Stage: An Oboist's Guide to Reed Making Success!" by Jan Eberle.

Drawing on her vast experience, Jan Eberle presents a detailed description of her thoughts and process involved in oboe reed making. The book is designed as a progressive study, where the techniques presented are mastered prior to moving on to the next lesson. Full color images show a step-by-step approach, guiding the oboist through the reed making process. The text is 106 pages with a spiral binding, allowing the pages to lie flat.

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Guilhaud (Eberle): Premiere Concertino for Oboe and Piano

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Georges Guilhaud's Premiere Concertino was frequently chosen as repertoire for the Paris Conservatoire Concours. The Concours was part of the conservatory's annual examination, where students competed in public performance to win honors. Guilhaud's Premiere Concertino was well suited for this event. In a mere seven minutes, the piece melds lyricism, drama, and fiery passagework, allowing performers to display technical skill, musical style, and interpretive flair. Today, the Premiere Concertino can be used for solo competitions, college jury exams, or artist recitals.

This edition is part of the Jeanne Master Class Series and includes a master class by Jan Eberle, Professor of Oboe at Michigan State University, on interpretation of the Guilhaud Concertino.

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Saint-Saens (Eberle): Sonata for Oboe

The Sonata for Oboe, op. 166, is a beautiful work and is considered standard repertoire for the oboe. There are 3 movements. Although composed in 1921, the work is in a distinctive Romantic style. Duration approximately 11 minutes

This new edition is one of the Jeanne Master Class Series. The editor, Jan Eberle, states, "In this edition, I offer a detailed look at my favorite interpretive ideas. I hope to present a clear view of the piece that will provide a springboard for thoughts of your own."

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Adjustment Chart

Jan Eberle has produced a colorful, detailed oboe adjustment chart that identifies and details the five adjustments on the oboe that should be done daily to ensure the oboe is in proper working condition! The reverse side also details the basic concepts, skills and equipment needed for these adjustments. The charts are laminated and come in three sizes:

  • Wall poster for $12
  • 8 1/2" X 11" for $10
  • 5" by 7" card that easily fits in a single oboe case for $8

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Total Technique Training Chart

Jan Eberle has produced a colorful, detailed chart that identifies and details the exercises and scale patterns that build superb oboe technique! The charts are laminated and 8 1/2" by 11".

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